Take control of your uptime

NetSys Care is a software that allows you to monitor the health of your network devices, servers and other IP based equipment. It allows you to identify problems such as preventable downtime, service outages and low device consumable levels before they occur.

The Netsys Care Advantage

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is based upon number of devices monitored. You can scale up and scale down based on your needs.

Local Support

You can rely upon Mesiniaga's over 40 years of expertise to ensure that your services remains up. We can extend monitoring capability and inform you of any problems before they happen!

Detailed Monitoring

Monitor IT system health, utilisation loads and consumable usage of your network devices, kiosks, smart projectors, smart TVs, printers and more.


Personalized Service Assessment

Our local team of experts will review your IT environment and craft recommendations
optimising your Netsys Care monitoring setup.

Availability & Performance Management via Hardware sensors

Fine-grained control which allows us to monitor the performance of any high-value equipment and services. Identify early signs of performance degradation and hardware or equipment failure.

Agentless Monitoring

Netsys Care utilises universally-available protocols that allows any equipment to be monitored remotely without any degradation on your system's performance.

Automated Service Monitoring & Alerts

Real-time monitoring along with historical data references. Customisable alerts and recommendations according to your preference. Be notified of failures as early as possible, and even before they happen!

Do IT the right way with Netsys Care

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Right way with NetSys Care

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